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Southern Sessions Live

Live, one take mix tape of cover jams.  Filmed and recorded at The Compound in Lake Charles, LA.



Patrick Dilley is a singer/songwriter and recording artist from Boise, Idaho USA.  Dilley (as most back home refer to him) accounts his Mama's incredible musical abilities as the source behind the development of his unique vocal sound and instrumental skill that render the idea of being categorized to any specific musical genre obsolete, but if it's a must, he holds onto a sound rooted in country and rock.  Benefiting from a  deep family tradition of Cajun/Zydeco crooners,  Patrick also draws inspiration from an innate love of multiple voices in rock, pop, blues, soul, R&B, gospel and country genres,  to round out his sound and versatility as a performing artist.

Patrick was fortunate enough to be able to develop his commitment to creating connection and community with anyone listening under the guidance of a one of a kind musical mind and inspirational spirit found in Mrs. Lalani Jensen.  This collection of influences has formed a solid foundation for Patrick to draw on as he pursues his own sound further.

Currently residing in Nashville, TN, you can find Patrick performing in Music City, collaborating with other musicians and songwriters on various projects and at work in the studio under the supervision of Rogue; a famous resident studio dog and Captain Cuddler stealing hearts and couch space deep in the heart of Nashville.  

Dilley will be recording an all new original EP with a release slated for 2019.  Follow Patrick on social media at the links below to stay up to date on music audio/video streaming releases, show dates/times, and what's on deck for this up and coming singer/songwriter.


Previous events

Baby Oliver Strong Benefit

Dickson County Fairgrounds, Dickson, TN

Come show your support for this local family and for sweet Baby Oliver as he and his family work hard to overcome complications during Oliver’s birth. You can read Oliver’s story in our “About” section on Facebook @ Baby Oliver Strong.

Private Event

Carpe Artista, Smyrna, TN

Southern Sessions Live

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The Compound, Lake Charles, LA

Reaghan Hoffpauir Media presents Southern Sessions Live; a one shot/one take collection of live performances featuring up and coming music artists. Featuring Patrick Dilley, this performance was filmed at The Compound in Lake Charles, LA.



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